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“WEBSITE” meaning JBN Capital LLC website, “US” means JBN Capital LLC, “YOU” and “USER” means the user of this website, “BROKER” means other Brokers representing the lender or private sources, working with JBN Capital LLC and investor clients. “PRIVATE LENDERS” means private investors with their own source of funds, “INVESTMENT GROUPS” means private investors wanting to obtain a return on the money for a specified investment, “LENDERS”, means an institution, company, LLC or corporation with pooled funds from various investors. “HEDGE FUND” refers to the fund that JBN Capital LLC is associated with.


JBN Capital LLC is a limited liability company registered in the State of Texas. JBN Capital LLC is a Loan facilitator and we may or may not provide the direct funding. We therefore may use the services of a Direct Lender, or private lender to obtain your loan.  On occasion we team up with Brokers who have direct lending sources to help us obtain your loan. You give us the authorization to disclose to them all information that you provide to us. All information you provide for us will be kept confidential and only disclose to those who will either be obtaining your loan or processing your loan. In the event we transfer the loan to a lending source we may get compensated by you, the broker, private investor or lending source. The compensation will be in the form of points, for example being 1 point equal to 1% of the loan amount. The amount of compensation varies from loan to loan and will be disclose to you. JBN Capital LLC will receive the commissions upon successful closing of the loan or project funding. JBN Capital LLC does not normally charge any up-front fees unless in some cases, we end up directly process your loan. The same thing with the broker who represents the financial source may do so. The private investor or lenders may or may not charge a upfront fee.  These fees may be used to pay for legal work to draw up the note, travel expenses to view the property, appraisals, environmental, feasibility and reports and other incidental expenses. At closing the lending source may charge you an origination fee. All fees and charges will be stated on the term and rate sheets provide to you at the time of your pre-approval of your loan. We do not give any financial advice nor do we engage in negotiations on the behalf of the lenders or borrower. Regarding commercial real estate investments, JBN Capital LLC is in a Joint Venture with an investor who owns a Hedge Fund and is purchasing single tenant vacant properties across the USA. JBN Capital may or may not be the principal buyer and has the right to assign the contracts to the Hedge Fund. For client privileges we cannot disclose the Hedge Fund.


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