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When you are about to put your property on the market, JBN Capital LLC will be ready to place it in front of our network of buyers. Our competition's marketing approach relies on putting a sign on the property and wish for the best. We take another route. Because of our many years in the business, we have created a network of buyers for every type of property and we will aggressively market the property to them. We also use other creative marketing techniques. Marketing property is about exposure and we want you, to have the advantage to sell your property quickly. We will review all of your offers and negotiate them on your behalf. We do our best to obtain you the highest possible price. We offer several types of relationship, exclusive and non-exclusive representation. In some cases, if your properties appeal to us, our acquisition department will consider making you a reasonable offer. We work with brokers, if the broker is direct to the seller and proof of representation is shown.

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