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We provide loans for Acquisitions, Cash-out Refinance, Businesses, and equipment. We lend on any income-producing properties as well as horizontal and vertical construction. The real estate should be located in a major metropolitan area and not in a small town. On Commercial Real Estate Loans, JBN Capital LLC does not provide 100% financing and will require the investor to inject some capital in the acquisition.  To leverage the amount of funding, the investor can offer free and clear real estate collateral they own or bring in an equity partner to invest, or we can allow seller subordination to a certain percentage. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Integrity, good customer service, and competitive rates for stated income. No doc loans and full doc loans. Loans from $200,000 and up.

Specializing in small balance and large balance commercial real estate loans, JBN Capital LLC provides commercial real estate investors and owners with various solutions to their needs. We offer office good value and a variety of financing programs to fit your needs.

Sometimes other lenders may feel your loan request is too small, or they scrutinize your past financial struggles or cash flows, or the bank lenders may require lots of documentation for a loan and stringent requirements. Are you tired of jumping hoops? Let JBN Capital LLC offer you the small and large balance commercial real loans you need.

If you are a Small Business owner or investor and own small commercial real estate, we have the financing solutions for you and tailor a loan specifically for you.

Our small Commercial Real estate loans and large Commercial Real Estate Loans are asset base, and we lend on most small balance commercial real estate. We lend on Non owner occupied Residential Investment Property, Multifamily properties, Office Buildings, Retail properties, Industrial properties, Mixed-Use properties, Self-Storage, and much more. Whether you want to cash out or refinance, we have long term amortization of up to 30 years and the flexibility to remain on loan for up to 30 years. Only need short term loans? We can provide that too.

Commercial Real Estate Loans and Investments.Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


Joseph Navon founded JBN Capital LLC in 1994. The company provides capital to real estate investors focused primarily on domestic commercial real estate properties and business.


JBN Capital LLC provides Commercial Real Estate and Business Loans.

JBN Capital LLC specializes in raising both capital and equity for commercial real estate investments. The types of properties we lend on are Apartment Complex or Multifamily units, Retail Centers and Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Medical Buildings, Industrial properties, and commercial land.

JBN Capital LLC has helped investors raise money for many years. We have raised millions of dollars for investors to acquire property or refinance their property. We work with Investors whose banks or credit unions have turned them down.

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Small Ballance
Commercial Loans

*We do small balance and large balance commercial real estate loans from $200,000 and up.
*We are also capable of doing SBA, USDA and equipment loans. Please inquire about these types of loans.


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