2021 Honda Pioneer 700 Street Legal Kit

Almost all municipalities require homeowners to install Honda Pioneer mirrors to make their UTVs legal on the road. In some places, a single rear-view mirror is sufficient. In other places, however, drivers must have both a rear-view mirror and side mirrors to comply with the rules. Either way, where you live, work and drive, we have both basic Honda Pioneer mirrors that make your platform legal on the road and replacement Honda Pioneer mirrors that are not only legal for the road, but also off-road. Our detachable Honda Pioneer side mirrors, for example, are perfect for those who travel narrow paths that represent a high probability of mirror impacts. Whether you get a little too close to trees, hillsides, or traffic signs/guideposts, Honda Pioneer Breakaway mirrors are folded backwards on impact instead of tearing them off directly. Similarly, the mirrors we offer for the Honda Pioneer are also optimized for off-road use. We have wide-angle mirrors to give you unparalleled lines of sight, as well as illuminated mirrors that serve as both mirrors and dome lights. Ryco Street legal kits have a turn signal with built-in horn button and emergency indicator. The Ryco kit is connected to the measuring pod in most UTVs to indicate when the turn signal is activated. On the Polaris digital dashboard, a green light flashes on either side of the dashboard to indicate when the left or right signal is pressed. The analog dashboard has a green () LED in the center that flashes (see upgrade note below for older kits).

For each left and right turn signal at the front, three LED lights with a signal state mounted on the steering column are used, which also includes the horn button. Factory taillights are used for left and right turn signals. Illuminated license plate holders with night lights are integrated into the system to meet government regulations for road vehicles. The wiring harness and detailed instructions are included with each kit. Satisfaction guaranteed. This kit is designed for the following vehicles: Honda Pioneer 1000/1000-5 All years (2016-2021) Installation instructions included Once you`ve taken care of the mirrors, turn signals, and horns, the next thing you`ll need to make your Honda Pioneer legal on the road is a license plate frame. As long as your license plate is displayed correctly and clearly visible, you should be well on the road in most areas. But if you need to turn on your plate, don`t worry, as we sell illuminated Honda Pioneer license plate holders that are integrated into your machine`s rear brake light wires with simple braids and wiring harness plugs! In addition to honda Pioneer accessories that are homologated for the road like mirrors, we also sell items such as turn signals and horn kits at Everything Honda Offroad. Many riders love honda Pioneer plug-and-play turn signals, which use factory brake lights as turn signals. But we also offer users Honda Pioneer turn signal kits with indicator led included.

And while pneumatic horns may be suitable for some, the Honda Pioneer horns available at Everything Honda Offroad are designed to excel in harsh conditions and pass the test of any local UTV inspection. Use our Honda Pioneer kits to legalize your motorcycle, or use them to communicate, increase safety and express your intentions on the track/trail. And even if you never intend to spin a single wheel on asphalt, you may still need road approval accessories, as many off-road parks and OHV areas need them! If you prefer to stay on the right side of the law and don`t want to be bothered by the cops when you`re shopping in town on your UTV, it`s a must to make your Honda Pioneer legal. And even if you only drive on paved roads, if you drive from one dirt road to another, MNR or your local patrol officers can still hit you with a ticket if your vehicle is not properly registered, glued and registered. While the rules vary from state to state and even county to county, there are several Honda Pioneer homologation accessories required, no matter where you drive. So if you have local regulations that require a licensed UTV to legally drive single-lane roads, or if you`re looking for the right legal accessory for the road so you can drive more than 10 miles on a two-lane road, that`s all Honda Offroad here with all the Honda Pioneer parts homologated for the road, Honda Pioneer road approval accessories and Honda Pioneer road-legal kits, to make your rigging roadworthy and able to pass the strictest inspections! From Honda Pioneer road tires and DOT windshields to complete Honda Pioneer homologation kits including mirrors, turn signals, lights and horns, you`ll find everything you need to make your Honda Pioneer homologated on the road at Everything Honda Offroad.